ISBN 978-1-921642-98-2
216x140mm, 138 pages
RRP AU$20 + P&H

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Vaila's Capri

Helen Ross

From the windswept Shetland Islands far to the north of Scotland, to the ancient ruins of Zimbabwe and the mystical Mediterranean Isle of Capri, young Vaila takes us on a breathtaking journey of history and intrigue. A whirlwind romance with the handsome ship's Captain De Marco leads to the Isle of Capri where mysterious forces present Vaila with feelings of déjà vu. Has she really lived on the island before, or is it all in her mind? Even the joy at the birth of her baby son cannot dispel Vaila's deep sense of foreboding on the island. Vaila's fate appears intertwined with the history of Capri and that of the despotic historical figure, the Emperor Tiberius. This is a compelling historical romance taking the reader on a contemporary journey of mystery and intrigue against the backdrop of the magical enchantment of the Isle of Capri.